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  1. Cleaver Brooks : Complete boiler room solutions New
    Cleaver Brooks : Complete boiler room solutions
    - Highest operating efficiency Firetube Boiler manufactured in U.S.A. - The capacity to deliver steam from 50 to 800 HP - Maintenance services with lifetime warranty - All spare parts are available - Reduce pollution and greenhouse gases
  2. Kawasaki IF : Big once through boiler New
    Kawasaki IF : Big once through boiler
    The highest level efficiency,performance and long life Boiler efficiency 98% (Gas fired) Stable supply of steam pressure through PI control Dryness of steam 99.5% and more Design life 15 years
  3. Kawasaki absorption New
    Kawasaki absorption
    Enhancement of energy saving rate by using waste hot water The highest level efficiency of Gene-Link COP=1.49 Fuel gas saving rate 41% Operation range only by waste hot water heating : 60% or less High partial load efficiency High system efficiency
  4. Solid Fuel Boiler New
    Solid Fuel Boiler
    This boiler is a single furnace in line, vhain travling grate, water tube, semipackaged steam boiler. The boiler is designed with symmetric heating surface, firm structure and sound water circulating system. Large water content and steam space ensures low water level fluctuation and high quality steam. The unique design of the furnace and flue gas flowing method through the heat transfer area ensures minimum level exchange heat loss. Therefore, this boiler has good coal adaptabillity and high efficiency. It is convenient to install and is suitable for the application to produce steam for the manufacturing process.
  5. Water Heater New
    Water Heater
    Both Gas and Electric water heater can be used in Hotel, Hospital, Residence, Apartment and Condominium.
  6. Watertube Boiler New
    Watertube Boiler
    Steam 10,000 to 500,000 lb/hr Temperatures to 900°F Steam pressures up to 2,300 psig Gas flow rates up to 1,000,000 lb/hr
  7. Maxon New
    MAXON is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industril burner from the United States has been the market leader since 1915. MAXON's unique manufacturing technology ensures that all types of burners are extremely efficient in heat generation, long-term durability, energy saving and environmental friendliness. MAXON provides a variety of industrial burners: Gas burner, oil-fired burner, Low nox burner to meet the customers' needs in various industries. MAXON are also complete combustion system manufacturer, offers high quality equipment such as Shut Off Valve, Flow / Ratio Control Valve, Blower, Control Cabinet, Duct, Fuel Train and Skid.
  8. Cleaver Brooks water tube boiler New
    Cleaver Brooks water tube boiler
    Saturated steam 10,000 to 225,000 lb/hr Natural gas, Propane Digester, #2 Light Oil, #6 Heavy Oil 100 to 550 psig on steam Available to less than 9 ppm Nox
  9. TANDEX  Water treatment chemicals for BOILER and COOLING TOWER New
    TANDEX Water treatment chemicals for BOILER and COOLING TOWER
    TANDEX - Water Treatment Chemicals for BOILER and COOLING TOWER for preventing slag and corrosion. Provide after-sales services by tracking and testing water quality, report water result and give suggestion by skilled and experienced technician.
  10. Honeywell KROM SCHRODER  Valves and butterfly valves New
    Honeywell KROM SCHRODER Valves and butterfly valves
    Gas solenoid and motorised valves for automatic shut-off of pipes, one- or two-stage • Pressure regulators with solenoid valve as a space-saving option combining two functions • Butterfly valves with actuators for flow rate adjustment on gas burners • Tightness controls for monitoring the internal tightness of safety valves
  11. Honeywell KROM SCHRODER  Electric flame monitoring and control units New
    Honeywell KROM SCHRODER Electric flame monitoring and control units
    Electric flame monitoring and control units Burner control units and automatic burner control units, enclosed or 19" rack-mounted, for controlling and monitoring gas burners in continuous or intermittent operation, with ionisation or UV control, Manual/Automatic mode and display of operating and fault statuses, in part adjustable to other operating modes via an optical interface, using separate software
    HONEYWELL  "We are a service provider and distributing supplier for a complete range of regulating and combustion equipment from Honeywell Thermal Solution family, Maxon, Eclipse and Kromschroder in Thailand."
  13. MAXITROL Gas Pressure Regulators New
    MAXITROL Gas Pressure Regulators
    Maxitrol Company manufactures a complete line of gas pressure regulators for domestic, commercial, and industrial needs with models for both low and intermediate pressure applications.
  14. MAXITROL Gas Filters New
    MAXITROL Gas Filters
    Gas Filters Gas and air filters protect downstream controls (e.g. regulators, automatic shut-off valves) from particulate contamination.
  15. OILON ,Oil,Gas and dual fuel Burner New
    OILON ,Oil,Gas and dual fuel Burner
    OILON ,Oil,Gas and dual fuel Burner
  16. Kawasaki Boiler KF series New
    Kawasaki Boiler KF series
    Kawasaki Boiler KF series Small Multi Tube Once-through Boiler