Watertube Boiler

Watertube Boiler

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10,000 to 500,000 lb/hr
Temperatures to 900°F
Steam pressures up to 2,300 psig
Gas flow rates up to 1,000,000 lb/hr

About us

Boonyium & Associates Ltd.
Boonyium & Associates Ltd. was founded in 1958. The first office situated on Rama IV road, then moved to Ekamai Road in 1977, then to the present office on Srinakarin Road in 1987. Mr. Boonyium Meesook and his friends joined to implement the technology and industrial engineering in Thailand. The company has been the representative of many wellknown manufacturer in USA, UK, Australia, etc.
Following are the various departments to support and service all customers
1.    Technology and Engineering Department
2.    Machine Fabrication and Installation Department
3.    Maintenance and Technical Service Department
4.    Chemical Treatment Support for Energy System Department
5.    Stock and Spare parts Department
6.    Financing, Accounting and Management Information System Department
All departments can serve all customer with “Service Mind” and best responsibility for every customer being Hotel, Hospital, Laboratory, Education, Pharmaceutical, Textile Weaving, Textile Dyeing, Knitting, Garment, Automotive Tire, Latex, Pulp and Paper, Craft Box, Plastic, Petrochemical, Lubricating Oil, Agricultural Products etc. for over 500 customers. At our present office on Srinakarin Road, we have over 80 persons work force joining together to accomplishour task of supplying and servicing the best we can. We are proud to serve our customers for over 40 years and we aim to make it better and better all the time.

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